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Some of the benefits of participating in CLOCKSS include:

• The archive is governed by, and for, its beneficiaries, not a third-party. Publishers and librarians have equal say in deciding procedures, priorities, and when to trigger content.

• CLOCKSS' decentralized, geographically disparate preservation model ensures that the digital assets of the community will survive intact. Additionally, it satisfies the demand for locally situated archives with 15 archive nodes planned worldwide by 2010.

• Low operating costs make it possible for institutions of all sizes and budgets to participate in CLOCKSS.

• CLOCKSS participants have the opportunity to be deeply involved in all aspects of our industry and help to keep the community’s best interests at the forefront. CLOCKSS has already made an impact on industry policies and practices.

• Libraries and publishers want a choice of archiving solutions. Rather than put "all their eggs in one basket," institutions may prefer to participate in multiple archives.


Participation is affordable, and our goal is to have even lower participation fees over time. Annual fees start at $465 for research libraries and $232 for publishers.

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