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12. Complementary

Complementary to research libraries building local collections with LOCKSS and geographical arrangements for legal deposit. CLOCKSS is an important strategic component in a multilayer, resilient, local and international preservation plan.

11. Context Preserved

Content ingested via presentation files preserve branding and publisher's look and feel.

10. Technically Robust

Award-winning open source software with demonstrated capacity to recover from natural disasters, human folly, and digital decay through continuous and systematic audit and repair.

9. CLOCKSS certified as Trusted Digital Repository

In July 2014, the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) announced the completion of an eight-month audit of the CLOCKSS Archive and certified the CLOCKSS Archive as a trustworthy digital repository. CLOCKSS is the only organization to earn a perfect score of 5 in the Technologies, Technical Infrastructure, and Security category. CLOCKSS also attained the highest score received by any organization that has undergone this independent audit.

8. Award Winning

Winner of the ALA's Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) 2007 Outstanding Collaboration Award and the 2004 ACM Award for Underlying LOCKSS Technology.

7. Long-term Sustainability

Building a reserve fund to reduce dependence on revenue income to ensure preservation and access even in tough economic times.

6. Global Participation

The network of globally distributed nodes in the CLOCKSS Archive spans geographic, political, and legal boundaries.

5. Comprehensive Coverage

Underlying LOCKSS technology preserves a diverse range of materials. Publishers co-govern, trust CLOCKSS, and are eager to have their content preserved via the CLOCKSS Archive.

4. Access For All

Upon release of "orphaned" or triggered content, CLOCKSS makes access to the content free to the public, without need for any prior subscription, fee, or registration.

3. Library Custody

CLOCKSS Archive node libraries are custodians of the content. Library stewardship and responsible action by publishers leverages the strengths and existing infrastructure of both entities.

2. Community Governed

Publishers and librarians work as equals to pursue a common goal and effect change in their industry. As a self-governed Community Archive, CLOCKSS gives libraries and publishers a voice to influence industry policy decisions that affect them directly.

1. Collaborative and Cooperative

Do your part to help ensure very long-term preservation and global access to collective scholarship -- participate in the CLOCKSS Archive.

Add your voice to CLOCKSS! Please email info_at_clockss_dot_org.gif for more information.